Build Your Million Dollar Growth Engine

What is
A Growth Engine?

A growth engine is a framework for growing your business. It starts with identifying your North Star Metric so that everyone in your organization can work towards a singular objective (ie 10% MRRR growth each month). What makes this growth engine effective is that it breaks down your SaaS business into three different stages. Acquisition deals with the getting customers. Activation deals with making sure your customers get value our of your product. Lastly, retention focuses on making your product sticky and increasing the LTV of each customer. The best part about this growth engine is that we’ve vetted it on multiple 1-15M ARRR SaaS startups and it’s extremely effective.


North Star Metric

We go through the best ways to set your marketing team’s North Star metric and arm you with the right processes to stay accountable.


Generating demand and acquiring new prospects is at the forefront of most marketing team’s responsibilities. We’ll help you prioritize which marketing channels to pursue through our traction strategy.


Don’t just acquire new prospects, make sure they activate within your product and become customers. This framework will ensure you’re not dumping money into acquisition without engaging the right users.


Lastly, we want the prospects you acquire to continue being customers. This framework will show you how to do just that.

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