Creating the world's first AI-powered SEO split testing platform.

How does SEO split testing work?

Our SEO split testing platform allows you to test exactly which changes to your website would result in an uplift in traffic from Google.

The platform sits in front of your website in the same fashion as a content delivery network (CDN). What makes it unique is that it allows you to test changes on your website and measure the impact on organic search traffic.

Given that search engine algorithms┬áchange every hour, it’s crucial that you have a way to run experiments and not just rely on outdated SEO best practices.


Make Data-Driven Decisions

One of the hardest questions to answer when there’s a spike or drop in traffic is usually, “what caused that event?.” With our intuitive dashboard, we make it easy to understand what caused the fluctuation in traffic.

The best part is that all this data is tied back to your conversion metrics so that you can ensure that you aren’t optimizing for unqualified traffic.

Through creating this platform, we are changing the fundamental way SEO has been done for the last 26 years. If you want to lead the SEO revolution in your industry, we’d love to chat!

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